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Taking responsibilty –
for people and the environment

Sustainable business management characterizes our entire value chain, from raw materials to finished goods. That’s why we also offer a majority of our product assortment in organic and fair trade quality. We use RSPO-certified compounds and Rainforest Alliance-certified cocoa. We handle our natural resources responsibly and are continually expanding our environmental protection measures. Of especial importance to us, however, are the immediate living and working conditions of the people. That is why we promote sustainable business practices and fair pay in cooperation with our suppliers around the globe. In our Code of Conduct, we focus on the environment and sustainability along with ethical business practices.

DE ÖKO 001


For our organic chocolate, we at HERZA use exclusively raw materials from verifiably organic agriculture. The organic seal guarantees that the production, processing and trade of organic chocolate complies with the strict regulations of the EU ordinance on organic produce. (Eco-control agency number DE-ÖKO-001)


For years HERZA has offered the majority of its product range in Fair Trade quality. This means above all, stable minimum prices for the small farmers and premiums for community projects as well as environmentally sustainable farming. As the same time, Fair Trade chocolate is usually organic quality as well. FLO ID 3731


In 2018 UTZ and Rainforest Alliance merged. Just like the UTZ label, the Rainforest Alliance seal stands for farmers and businesses that are working toward a world in which people and Nature live together in harmony. Since 2012 we’ve been supporting sustainable farming by procuring suitably certified raw materials. What we began under UTZ, we continue under the new seal.

All around the world, we operate in line with an overarching Code of Conduct and the principles of responsibility of the Stern-Wywiol Group, to which the group is firmly committed as its ideal. 

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