Gebäude der Stern-Wywiol Gruppe

Working together, creating solutions!


The Stern-Wywiol Gruppe has been one of the leading companies in the food and feed ingredients sector for many years. First and foremost, this is due to the company’s structure and philosophy:

  • An owner-led family company with a long-term ethos
  • Twelve specialist companies with different target applications and industries work together closely and in an interdisciplinary way
  • 19 international branches and production sites in nine different countries
  • 1,974 employees worldwide, 1,319 of whom are based in Germany and 655 in other countries
  • Pooling of specialist knowledge and harnessing of synergies via the know-how connection
  • Joint research and development of bespoke food and feed systems
  • Advice tailored to customer needs, streamlined decision-making
  • International partnerships facilitated by the global structure and worldwide network spanning more than 100 countries 

The twelve specialist firms that make up our owner-managed, independent group of companies produce ingredients and functional systems for food and animal nutrition. These include flour improvers, enzymes, baking ingredients, stabilising systems for deli foods and dairy, meat and fish products, vitamin and mineral premixes, flavourings, lecithins, food supplements, feed fats and oleochemical specialities.

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Our strengths are quick decisions, entrepreneurial courage, flexibility and independence; we enjoy innovation in the service of our customers. As an owner-managed group of companies we think in the long term and act in keeping with the market and according to our customers’ needs – in a spirit of partnership.

Torsten Wywiol


Stern-Wywiol Gruppe: from single ingredient to functional systems

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