Functional bars – Power your brand


The "Deluxe" bar line –
Full enjoyment without giving up protein

Ultimate enjoyment meets functionality. Protein bars of the Deluxe line are comparable to the familiar big-name candy bars in terms of flavour, but contain up to 35% protein. These bars offer consumers wonderful taste sensations – csrispy pieces in the chocolate coating create a crunchy bite, which is enhanced by fillings and pastes to create a creamy experience.
These delicious protein bars offer plenty of room for creativity. For example, have nuts or crispies sprinkled on the coating, while the paste consists of caramel, chocolate or fruit.




Deliciously tempting. A protein bar with 30 to 35% protein that offers a multilayered taste experience. The vanilla-flavoured
bar mass is covered in caramel crème
and coated in chocolate with peanut
halves in it.