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HERZA Schokolade: New organic range with coconut flower sugar

Fruity or spicy: New chocolate pieces inspired by nature

Norderstedt, February 2021 – When foods need to be “free from,” sugar is often the focus. More and more, consumers are choosing products that don’t contain household sugar, be they fitness foods like muesli or treats like ice cream, desserts, snacks or baked goods. People want alternative sweeteners, ideally from natural sources, like coconut flower sugar. Also known as palm sugar, this natural sweetener is derived from the flowers of the coconut palm and is popular with consumers. With its malty, caramel-like flavour, it harmonises perfectly with chocolate. HERZA Schokolade proves this with its new “Inspired by nature” organic product line. The chocolate pieces in eight exciting flavour compositions show how varied the combination of chocolate and coconut flower sugar can be.

The product line focuses on chocolate pieces with very diverse fruit components, like creamy milk chocolate with banana flakes that give a crunch effect in the mouth. The dark chocolate leaves with sour cherry powder are an unusual combination, with the powder giving the fullflavoured chocolate a tart fruity note. A perfect addition for ice cream and snack mixes are the chopped dark chocolate pieces with fruity raspberry pieces and vanilla. The dark chocolate cubes with light ginger notes and a hint of lemon are a real innovation in chocolate pieces. Another new item is the dark chocolate leaves with their robust cocoa note, refreshing orange oil and crunchy cocoa cores. The new creamy milk chocolate chips are a nice contrast, with coffee and cardamon for a flavour explosion from 1001 Nights.

Nahaufnahme einer gelben Kokosblüte


HERZA Schokolade GmbH & Co. in Norderstedt near Hamburg, Germany is one of the world’s leading suppliers of quality functional chocolate pieces for the food industry, and the European market leader in small chocolate pieces for mueslis. In addition, HERZA has made a name for itself as a contract manufacturer, providing development and production of functional bars. As a member of the independent, owner-operated Stern-Wywiol Gruppe with a total of twelve subsidiaries, HERZA can make use of many synergies. The company has access to the knowledge of around 100 R&D specialists and to the extensive applications technology of the Group’s large Technology Center in Ahrensburg, Germany, as well as the Group’ shared production facilities and own logistics resources. This lets it offer customers a high degree of flexibility and innovation capabilities.

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Tina Höhne

Marketing HERZA Schokolade

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