About us


HERZA Schokolade was founded in 1921, and is headquartered in Norderstedt near Hamburg, Germany. Through constant development and the courage to innovate and change, we have become specialists in two areas:

Small chocolate pieces for food manufacture
We are one of the world’s leading producers of functional chocolate and compounds for use in ice cream, muesli, bake mixes, confections and dairy products, in a wide range of shapes and variants.

Functional bars for private labels
Whether for the segments “sport”, “health” or “snacks” – we come up with customised bar and product solutions for brands and private labels. SternLife, our sister company, is responsible for development and distribution. They are the go-to people for customer-specific solutions in terms of nutrition, function and flavour: www.sternlife.de.


Our products and specialities don’t just have unusual functional properties, they also taste extraordinarily good. This is thanks to our historic expertise in chocolate manufacture, which we have gained through our experience in confectionery manufacture and the roasting of cocoa beans. Since we produce our own chocolate, we can also ensure consistently high quality.


With 90 years of experience in chocolate, we offer expert product advice and a wide range of innovative, practical chocolate solutions. HERZA process technologists are glad to get challenges, and can find the right answer to any request.