Our capabilities

We'll find the right formulation
for your bar brand

Benefit from our innovations and experience. HERZA has been making quality chocolate for over 90 years, focusing on chocolate pieces for food manufacturers. Our long experience and scientific expertise enable us to offer unique possibilities in the creation of new bar concepts. Customers can choose from standard recipes as well as new developments.

We will be happy to work with you in the development of new, custom product solutions. Our technologists look forward to deploying their experience and innovative energy to develop new bars for your brand. Once the right formulation has been found, our state of the art production and packaging lines ensure safe, reliable, certified manufacture.


  •  Strategic competitive advantage
  • With our custom-developed bars you can actively appeal to consumers and effectively position your product in your market. Nutrients, flavour, colour, shape and consistency can be varied to best suit your target groups.

  • Consulting on all needs
  • Whether standard formulation or new development, HERZA’s experts help in finding individual product ideas. Exclusivity and protection of your intellectual property are assured.

  • Rapid formulation development
  • We have an extensive portfolio of basic ingredients and special raw materials. Our experience and technical capabilities enable us to develop the ideal formulation quickly.

  • Customer-specific packaging units
  • We pack our bars to customer requirements at our plant in Norderstedt, Germany. On request we develop individual packaging concepts in the customer’s design.