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19. Oktober 2017

HERZA Schokolade: Focus on vegan chocolate, sugar substitutes and unconventional taste sensations



Norderstedt, October 2017 – HERZA Schokolade, one of the leading European suppliers of functional chocolate pieces, presents exciting inclusions for creating trends for finished products (stand: 08.0C61) at this year’s FIE in Frankfurt. The spotlight is on vegan chocolate pieces, sugar-free chocolate inclusions based on xylitol and excitingly and unconventionally flavoured chocolates that will stimulate creativity in product development.HERZA’s various types of small vegan chocolate pieces cater for the growing demand for vegan products. They include a dark chocolate option and two vegan alternatives to milk chocolate. One variety is formulated with rice drink powder instead of full milk and also contains amaranth. The second, lighter-coloured variety is based on coconut milk powder giving the chocolate a discrete coconut flavour. The vegan chocolate pieces are ideal for use in muesli, ice cream and milk-free yoghurt alternatives with top cups. Interested parties can choose their individual shape to match their specific requirements.


Food manufacturers can respond to the increasingly important requirement to reduce sugar content in food by using the new HERZA chocolate pieces with xylitol. The natural sugar substitute has almost the same sweetening power as household sugar but provides around 40 percent less calories. Xylitol allows the blood sugar level to rise slowly, and it promotes dental health according to the latest studies. Given its slight cooling effect it works extremely well with peppermint – for instance in ice cream. Moreover, the chocolate pieces, which are available as dark chocolate and milk chocolate, are bake-stable and hence suitable for biscuits and other baked goods.


Based on the idea of food pairing HERZA has also developed various concepts with really different, yet yummy taste sensations. Chocolate muesli, for instance, can be upgraded with dark chocolate pieces that contain matcha and cranberry. The slightly bitter components of matcha and the fruity, acidic aromas of cranberry are an excellent match for the individual flavour components of the chocolate and pave the way for a new and surprisingly delicious flavour experience. This also applies to thyme-honey chocolate which turns baked goods or ice cream into a special treat. This variety can also be marketed separately – as chocolate powder or chocolate shavings. In combination with hot milk it results in a comforting hot beverage for the cold time of the year. Trade show visitors can discover more about these options and the comprehensive range of HERZA Chocnology at Food Ingredients Europe in Frankfurt from 28 to 30 November.