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BioFach 2018:
HERZA Schokolade goes for vegan options, coloured food and on-trend yoghurt chocolate



Norderstedt, January 2018 – At BioFach 2018 HERZA Schokolade presents a series of new products that take up the latest nutritional trends. The focus is on the new vegan range of organic chocolate, the extended range of organic yoghurt chocolate and the new purple range. The chocolate pieces enhance the flavour, enjoyment and appearance of muesli, ice cream, baked goods and snacks. Trade visitors can find out more about the advantages and applications on the HERZA stand 9-335 in Hall 09.


HERZA has developed various types of small vegan organic chocolate pieces to meet the growing demand for vegan products. They include dark chocolate cubes and two vegan alternatives to milk chocolate. They can both be labelled soya-free and lactose-free. One variety is made with rice milk powder instead of full milk. Hazelnut paste and tigernut semolina round off the flavour whereas puffed amaranth gives the chocolate a slightly roasted note and a decent crunchy bite. HERZA offers this option as chopped chocolate pieces. The second lighter coloured variety, available as small leaves, has a coconut milk powder base which imbues it with a discrete coconut taste. The vegan organic chocolate pieces are suitable for vegan muesli, baked goods and baking mixes as well as for vegan ice cream and milk-free yoghurt alternatives with top cups.


According to Innova Market Insights “Say it with colour” is one of the top trends of 2018. Coloured food is steadily gaining ground. A very important aspect: the colours must be natural. In line with this trend, HERZA presents its new purple organic chocolate pieces. The “purple range” consists of white chocolate enhanced with concentrated fruit and vegetable powders of organic quality. The fruit powders made from elderberries and wild blueberries, just like the vegetable powder made from beetroot, not only create the on-trend purple colour but are also a flavour highlight. In addition, the purple-coloured foods are rich in antioxidants which protect vessels and are anti-inflammatory. The purple organic chocolate pieces are available as rhombs, leaves and a chopped option. They are particularly well suited for superfood muesli, as an addition to organic porridge, for example for children, or in organic nut-fruit mixtures.


Two new types of organic yoghurt chocolate also guarantee a fresh flavour sensation in muesli, ice cream, nut-fruit mixtures and snacks. The double leaves, made from organic whole milk chocolate and organic strawberry yoghurt chocolate, contain powdered organic yoghurt and organic strawberries. In this way, they offer a fruity-fresh flavour experience. The two-colour optic is an added extra. The organic yoghurt chocolate leaves made from Greek-style yoghurt with honey and the popular ancient cereal quinoa – also of course of organic quality – are completely on trend, too. Trade fair visitors can find out more about this and other products from the HERZA organic range from 14 – 17 February at the BioFach in Nuremberg.